ViralFluff.Com FOR SALE

I am, amongst other things, a broker for Domain names and hunt down the most valuable .com domain urls available.
As you will know .com’s are to some degree coming to an end as every permeation has been created and bought already.
However when you are a domain hunter you are always on the look out for unusual or expired .com’s that people can easily incorporate in their business or portfolio for future business online.
VIRALFLUFF.COM is one such little diamond I recently sourced and whilst not a massive profit maker for me, I felt I could offer this at a good price and at least make my overheads back and give someone a domain name that is highly applicable to many online traders.
So the current valuation is $1151.00 (£860.00) (as appraised by Godaddy Appraisal)

At this valuation I could easily either turn it on $397 or hang on to it whilst it gains even more value.

The thing with keeping domain stock generally is that it is like any inventory, it needs managing so I am happier selling on reasonably quickly.

$297 would also be a good settling figure, I am sure you would agree?

However, I have had a couple of major wins on some digital asset deals in the last week…

JUST $97 is all it will cost to secure this TODAY.

Yes, I am looking to either sell in the next 24 to 48hrs or close it down and let it mature 🙂

If you are ready to purchase this unique domain name,

either click the button below or contact me as soon as possible to make arrangements to secure this.

viralfluff @