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Brussels Monopoly game row ‘ends in samurai swordfight’ with man said to be fighting for his life | World News

A Monopoly board game by Hasbro Gaming

A samurai swordfight broke out in Brussels when a game of Monopoly went wrong, according to reports.

The trouble reportedly started in the Forest area of the Belgian capital at about 5am on Sunday when residents became annoyed by four people playing the board game on the pavement outside their home.

A man came out of his house, apparently brandishing a stick, and got into an argument with the Monopoly players.

Reports say the resident’s son then came outside armed with a Japanese samurai sword in its holster.

During the scuffles that followed, the katana sword became exposed after the sheath was allegedly removed by one of the Monopoly players, reported La Libre.

“The player tried to grab the katana and removed the holster. The son tried to get it back,” police said.

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It’s thought the son and one of the Monopoly players were injured by the blade. The Brussels-Midi Police confirmed two men were taken to hospital.

The Monopoly player was later discharged, local media reported, but the resident’s son was said to be in a life-threatening condition. Both men were also arrested.

The area along the street where the game had been played by the group – which consisted of three men and a woman – was left stained with large patches of blood and scattered with Monopoly cards after the confrontation.

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