Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Bubble Wrap-Inspired Luxury Bags

Bubble Wrap-Inspired Luxury Bags

The Cabat Bag by Bottega Veneta is yet another example of luxury fashion brands embracing puzzling inspiration for their product offerings. As a label, Bottega Veneta has certainly made a name for itself in this bizarre category of luxury fashion, having previously released design gems such as the woven leather clutch silhouette that resembled a waste bag for dog poop and the oversized clutch that resembled a soft dumpling. The Cabat bag extends Bottega Veneta’s legacy in this space.

Retailing for almost 10k, this eye-catching and ultra-extravagant bag design resembles bubble wrap from afar. The tote bag design is meticulously crafted with clear silicone and the handles feature lambskin. The exterior features the “woven intreccio concept” that has become a classic for the contemporary fashion label.

Image Credit: Bottega Veneta

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