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Bull on the loose shot dead by police after charging at parents and children | UK News

The bull charged at residents on Wells Avenue in the village of Haslington in Crewe, Cheshire Pic: Google Maps

A rampaging bull has been shot dead by police after charging at people dropping children off at school.

Residents together with pupils and staff at a school in the Cheshire village of Haslington were ordered to stay indoors just before 9am on Wednesday, while the owner of the bull and armed police attempted to bring the animal under control.

However officers decided to shoot the animal, which was in an “agitated state” and presented a danger to the public.

Eyewitness Paul Dalton, who was dropping off his grandchildren at school, posted on Facebook: “Heard the commotion behind us and saw a bull charging up the avenue where my car was parked.

“When I got back from school, the avenue was blocked by two vans, two trailers and three police cars! Had to wait an hour to recover car, luckily undamaged.”

Cheshire Police said the decision to shoot the bull was not “taken lightly”.

The force said in a statement: “At 8.50am on Wednesday, 19 April, police were alerted to a bull on the loose and charging at people in Wells Avenue, Haslington.

“Local officers, supported by firearms officers, attended the scene and local residents, including the nearby school, were advised to stay inside as the bull in its agitated state posed an immediate threat to their safety.

“There was also a real risk of the bull escaping onto the main road and surrounding housing estates which could have caused a serious accident.

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“Officers, with the help of the owner, attempted to secure the bull but the owner was unable to do so and the immediate danger to the public and the officers was high.

“A decision had to be made to dispatch the animal before anyone was seriously hurt.

“This decision is never taken lightly and the main focus here was to protect residents, some of whom were dropping children off at the nearby school.”

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