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Date-Enhancing Cards

Date-Enhancing Cards

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The Adventure Challenge’s ‘Blind Dates’ scratch card makes dating more manageable and less awkward. Coming up with date ideas and making conversation can be challenging, but if it is pre-planned in a playful manner, both parties are sure to have a good time. The cards keep in mind budgets and offer dates that roughly range between $0 to $50, but can be modified to each user.

With dates like ‘Chalk Dirty to Me,’ ‘A Couple of Spies Who Were Up to Some Good,’ and ‘Like a Record, Baby,’ each prompt will surely get people out of their comfort zone (if they are willing to) and create lasting memories. An expansion pack with 30 conversation starters is also available for purchase for those who need an extra push.

Image Credit: TheAdventureChallenge, Uncommon Goods

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