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Houston-based Natural Gas Pipeline Industry Drafting and Design Firm Diversifies Suite of Services

JML Design, Inc. Forges Powerful Strategic Partnership with Business Development Expert Paul Segreto to Accelerate Growth for Newly Formed Affiliate, AccuSurv and to Expand Service Offerings


HOUSTONOct. 10, 2023PRLog — JML Design, Inc., a leading drafting, and design firm headquartered in Houston, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Paul Segreto, a distinguished Business Development and Growth expert boasting over four decades of experience. This partnership is set to catalyze business development and growth for both JML Design and its recently affiliated company, AccuSurv.

JML Design, Inc. has cemented its position as a trusted provider of drafting and design services, catering to clients across the local and national landscape. With a sterling reputation in the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry, JML Design has diversified its expertise across a spectrum of drafting disciplines. The company is renowned for its operational efficiency, adaptability, and steadfast commitment to delivering dependable services and top-tier products to its clientele.

Michael Lawson, Chief Operating Officer of JML Design, Inc., voiced his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “As AccuSurv joins the fold of JML Design Inc., we share an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and tailored solutions that align with our clients’ unique requirements.”

AccuSurv, the recently affiliated company, specializes in pipeline, land, and commercial surveying services, employing state-of-the-art technology and techniques to ensure precision and reliability in their surveying endeavors. The collaboration with Paul Segreto, an adept business development professional, is poised to thrust AccuSurv into new markets and amplify its growth potential.

“Paul Segreto brings a wealth of experience to this partnership, having spent over four decades in franchise-related industries, encompassing retail and restaurants,” noted Lawson. “His primary focus within this collaboration will be to introduce AccuSurv services to franchise organizations, real estate development leaders, and bolster relationships with financial services vendors and commercial real estate firms serving the franchise, retail, and restaurant sectors.”

Segreto echoed his sentiments regarding the partnership, saying, “Franchise organizations can derive substantial benefits from engaging a specialized land surveying company to ensure the success of their business operations, expansion, and real estate management.”

This strategic partnership between JML Design, Inc., AccuSurv, and Paul Segreto is poised to usher in growth and innovation in the drafting, design, and surveying industries, while affording clients a wider array of services and solutions.

Lawson continued, “With AccuSurv, we now have the capability to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing land surveying, engineering, and design, not only to JML Design clients but also to various industry segments, particularly those initially targeted by Paul Segreto. Given Segreto’s experience and illustrious record, we are confident that AccuSurv will find a warm reception across diverse industries, including those that have been the focus of his career.”

About JML Design, Inc.: JML Design, Inc. is a Houston-based drafting and design firm offering a comprehensive range of services to clients nationwide. With a formidable reputation in the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry and proficiency in various drafting disciplines, JML Design is dedicated to delivering dependable services and top-tier products tailored to meet its clients’ unique needs.

About AccuSurv: AccuSurv is a surveying company that specializes in delivering precise and dependable surveying services through the utilization of innovative technology and techniques. As an affiliate of JML Design, Inc., AccuSurv is committed to ensuring its clients receive the highest level of service, particularly in the fields of pipeline, land, and commercial surveying, engineering, and design.

About Paul Segreto: Paul Segreto is a Business Development and Growth expert boasting over 40 years of experience in franchise-related industries, encompassing retail and restaurants. He is renowned for his success in driving business expansion and development in these sectors and, through a newly formed venture, Accelerated Business Services, is focused on introducing AccuSurv services to franchise organizations and real estate development leaders.

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