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Limited-Edition Savory Cereals

Limited-Edition Savory Cereals

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Deliveroo launches new savory cereal flavors ahead of Nation Cereal Day. The one-of-a-kind cereal range is inspired by the UK’s most loved takeout dishes. Consumers across London, Bristol, and Manchester will be able to purchase the limited-edition cereal flavors beginning on March 7th while supplies last.

The savory cereal flavors include the pescatarian Sushi Roll, the vegetarian Margarita Pizza, and the meat-based Chicken Katsu Curry. The unique flavors allow consumers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite savory foods in breakfast form with a splash of milk. Adventurous foodies can eat the cereal for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner for an exciting taste experience. Consumers can order the savory flavors through Deliveroo’s app or online under Food Flavoured Cereal Shop category.

Image Credit: Deliveroo

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