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Mental Wellness Workplace Campaign

Mental Wellness Workplace Campaign : NNYSIF

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The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) has launched a campaign to raise awareness of mental wellness in the workplace. The campaign provides strategies to reduce mental health stigma, promote open dialogue between supervisors and employees, and offer guidance on self-care and resiliency. NYSIF’s initiative is based on its successful annual mental wellness week, which featured outside speakers, giveaways, and internal communications promoting mental health tips and statistics.

The campaign aims to help all employers, including those not covered by NYSIF, create employee mental wellness action plans. Recent workplace surveys have highlighted the importance of mental wellness for employees, with many considering employer support for mental health when seeking job opportunities. Interested companies can access and customize their action plans on the NYSIF website to promote mental health awareness and improve workplace morale and productivity.

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