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Operating System Stationery Sets

Operating System Stationery Sets

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Trashbot 2.0 is an Apple-themed stationery set, inspired by the classic Mac OS from the 80s. The set features unique desktop and icon designs and is the perfect gift for Apple fans who appreciate the nostalgia of old-school computing.

The set includes a whiteboard that resembles a Mac desktop, a Trashbot figure that doubles as a pen holder, a 200-page Memo Pad that looks like a dialogue box, three desktop icons with magnetic backs depicting classic Mail, Folder, and Disk icons and one Error bot figure.

With Trashbot 2.0, you can keep your real desktop clean and organized, just like your virtual one — just don’t get carried away fiddling with this fun Apple-themed stationery set. This Apple-themed stationery set is a fun addition to any workspace and makes a perfect gift for those who appreciate the nostalgic charm of vintage Apple products.

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