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Portable Handheld Dishwasher

Portable Handheld Dishwasher

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This handheld portable dishwashing device provides an in-between solution for those who don’t own a washing machine, yet don’t want to scrub off oil and grease from each dish individually. It runs on batteries and features a multifunctional control panel that is easy-to-navigate. With a press of a button, the robotic arm grasps a dish tightly, bringing into a spinning motion as the scrubber moves through the dish.

Unlike a dishwashing machine, this device has a much friendlier price tag, helping consumers save not just on the cost of machine but also electricity bill. However, the device is not only aimed at those who want to outsource the dishwashing task to a robot and keep their hands ‘clean’.

The portable handheld dishwasher can also be used by people with disabilities and hand disorders that might affect their ability to wash dishes manually.

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