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Superhero Anime Energy Drinks

Superhero Anime Energy Drinks

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Sneak Energy, a brand that caters to gamers, creatives, and the community, launched a new anime-inspired energy drink collection. The collection features a yuzu and mandarin flavor that is based on the ‘Fruit of the Tree of Might’ from Dragon Ball Z, as well as merch, collectible trading cards, vinyl toys, and a samurai sword. The product aims to celebrate the Year Of The Bunny, which is Sneak’s logo and theme for 2023.

The collection was launched on May 31st across the UK, US and EU and is available on a limited basis at The prices vary depending on the item, but the energy drink tubs retail at $40.00 for 40 servings, the metal shakers at $19.99, the long-sleeved tees at $28.00, the vinyl toys at $25.00, the trading cards at $5.00 per pack of 10, and the samurai sword at $125.00. The product also comes with a short anime film directed by Gustaf Holtenäs, a renowned illustrator and animator.

Image Credit: Sneak Energy

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