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50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much

It’s interesting to think that work is a necessity in life and it’s all kinds of annoying and dreadful. Now, food, on the other hand, is also a necessity, but definitely in the top 5 of the best things that life has to offer. Until either reality or the internet hits.

Yes, Reddit has recently been ruining food (but only a little bit) with folks sharing how much of something consumed is lethal. We’re talking about actual foods that, if consumed in excess, would be a lethal dose. Some of these are physically impossible to achieve (no, don’t accept this challenge), but others—let’s just say it’s good to know these things if you really like eating.

So, Redditors have recently been weighing in with their favorite “this much of this will kill you” facts in a now viral AskReddit thread. Folks were listing mostly edible things and very ordinary foods, but there was the occasional activity of sorts, like sleeping, driving and even breathing.

Anywho, the post garnered 6,200 upvotes and generated a discussion that included 3,600 comments.

So, throughout your lifetime, you will consume a lot of things. And that’s not just eating—it’s also things like breathing and absorbing (say, via the skin), among other things. There’s multiple ways things enter your body, is what I’m saying.

And there are a lot of different faculties in your body to process all of it—the good, the bad and the ugly. While you might think eating a banana is healthy and great, it does include a certain amount of toxins that the body should be able to take on as well.

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Two things you learn quickly in electrical engineering related to death and one not related to Human death.

The first is the right hand rule. When we you are touching electronic components that may be charged use your right hand as it is further from your heart vs the left so it’s less likely to kill you if something were to go wrong. The Human body is more or less a giant bag of salt water after all.

The Second is to always touch with the back of your hand first. If you use your palm/fingers you risk the current causing your muscles to tense and then grab and hold the circuit and you’ll be unable to let go until long after you’re dead or someone breaks you off the circuit.

Finally, if you release the magic smoke the electronics are dead completely and totally. While refill kits exist they are hard to find and ever harder to use and capturing magic smoke is incredibly difficult.

Bobsaid , Emmanuel Ikwuegbu / unsplash (not the actual photo) Report

So, the traditional and most known detoxifying faculties in the body are the kidneys and liver, which filter out toxins from the blood and direct into your bladder to be expelled (the kidneys) and change the chemical nature of toxins altogether (the liver).

But there’s also the lesser known detox centers like the lungs, which have a capacity to remove certain gasses, the skin, which keeps water-borne nonsense at bay, and the digestive system, which is capable of eliminating toxic foods through vomit and the runs.


In 5 seconds, if you’re standing or walking or driving in the wrong place and someone else is driving after drinking, you can die.

In 5 hours, if you drink too much, you can die.

In 5 years, if you binge drink, you can die.

Or you can drink for five decades and watch every relationship in your life wither until the only one left is with the alcohol.

astarredbard Report

If not for these faculties, we’d all be sick all the time. But they are no superheroes either. There is a certain limit of toxicity that they can manage and any more than that could lead to a slew of problems depending on the circumstances. And even if you’re not consuming any toxins since you live in a clean environment, your body could be creating its own toxins—after all, it’s all a game of breaking down chemical compounds, and sometimes they can break down into toxins, despite not being such in the first place. And toxins in excess essentially weaken the body, and thus cause things like illness and speed up aging.

And if we’re not putting toxins into our body, we’re maybe simply overeating—and that’s just as bad.

The obvious effect of overeating is gaining excess weight in the form of fat. Whenever you overeat, the body converts those extra calories into fat for later use. And if you like hoarding fat and never really using it, then obesity will be right around the corner, and that will put a strain on your body (e.g. the cardiovascular system).

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Salt. Two tablespoons full of salt will kill. There was a case some years ago where a kid mixed up salt and sugar in a desert and the mother made them eat the whole thing as punishment. The kid died, mum got off easy because the judge believed her that she really didn’t know.

Bonschenverwerter , Faran Raufi / unsplash (not the actual photo) Report

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much You would die from smoke inhalation before you could overdose on THC from smoking pot.

teethalarm Report

Death is quite lethal. Just a single dose is enough to kill a person.

PlayrR3D15 Report

Overeating might also disrupt the way hunger is regulated in your body. Long story short, constant overeating might cause a chain of events that would eventually lead to training your body to give you dopamine to encourage you to overeat. This in turn creates a vicious cycle when hunger is no longer in the equation. But portioning your food more reasonably might help avoid this.

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Nutmeg in large-but-not-nearly-as-large-as-you-might-think doses is a potent psychoactive that will basically make you go insane. Infamous addict William S. Burroughs wrote that the only people he ever met whom he thought were truly beyond redemption were the nutmeg addicts.

punninglinguist , Herusutimbul / wikipedia (not the actual photo) Report

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Amanita phalloides, also known as the Death Cap mushroom. 0.1mg/kg of body weight of it’s toxins is all it takes to be lethal. One mushroom typically contains about 15mg. The biggest danger is these look like mushrooms that are also perfectly edible.    

Another set of lookalike mushrooms are Galerina marginata and Pholiotina rugosa which are often mistaken for “magic mushrooms” (Psilocybe)

little_brown_bat , Archenzo / wikipedia (not the actual photo) Report

The two other direct implications of overeating are nausea and indigestion as well as excessive gas and bloating.

In the first case, your stomach is put under pressure to process a huge amount of food, and so it might have to eject some of it or to rush through digesting something just to get sweet relief. With the latter, there are certain foods that are more prone to be broken down into gasses. And so if you eat more of it, hence there will be more gasses to expel. Nobody wants that. Not you, not those around you.

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much One of my favorite trombone fun facts is that within a human lifetime, you’ll eat about a trombone’s worth of Zinc and Copper (the metals that make brass). I had a kid once ask me “so if I eat a trombone right now, will I never have to eat zinc or copper again?” And the answer was yes, because you would die. Edit: okay I checked a source for how many minerals we actually need in a human lifetime, and turns out my original source was way wrong. We apparently eat 950 lbs of copper and 502 lbs of zinc in a lifetime, so considering that a large trombone of 6 lbs provides roughly 4 lbs of copper and 2 lbs of zinc, that works out to around 250 large trombones or 500 small trombones eaten in a human lifetime. But you would still die if you ate an entire trombone in one sitting. 

tringle1 , Jon Tyson / unsplash (not the actual photo) Report

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much You can go and buy a bottle of Tylenol at damn-near any grocery store, gas station, or pharmacy with 500mg capsules/tablets.

It is entirely possible to irreparably damage your liver and kidneys with as little as 7500mg… so 15 pills in a single day. Sure, this number generally requires other comorbidities to be present – chronic alcoholism, poor nutrition, etc – but losing track of how many you’ve taken is reasonably common (all things considered, especially for individuals in mental decline), making acute acetaminophen poisoning one of the leading causes of acute liver failure leading to death.

It is really not a fun way to go, either…

absentmindedjwc , Erik Mclean / unsplash (not the actual photo) Report

One of the lesser known facts is that overeating might hinder brain functionality. Studies have determined that overweight people are more inclined to develop memory problems compared to those within the weight norm. Now, considering that the brain is mostly fat, eating healthy fats, like avocados, fish, and nut butters might help with that.

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much It only takes 7mL of hydrofluoric acid to absorb all the free calcium in the body of an adult human.

Source – I work with HF and we have very extensive safety training and routine tabletop drills to cover what to do in case of an exposure. Calcium gluconate can save lives.

bears_eat_you , Hans Reniers / unsplash (not the actual photo) Report

Dread Pirate Roberts: “What you do not smell is called Iocane powder. It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the more deadly poisons known to man.”

Hey-Just-Saying Report

Lastly, you might have noticed this one, but overeating might cause you to become suddenly sleepy.

It’s speculated that once a bigger meal is consumed, blood sugar might drop shortly and that would ultimately lead to sleepiness, sluggishness, headaches and the like. There’s also excess insulin production. And while that sounds like not a big deal, remember, that puts pressure on your body and if you’re, say, driving, drowsiness doesn’t help navigate roads.

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much breathing in a 100% oxygenated atmosphere can and will cause more damage than good

The air you normally breathe consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen

You can breathe comfortably with 20%

Nitrogen acts as a noble gas atleast if you only consider noble gasses as gasses that you can breathe without too much risk

Oxygen on the other hand is pretty volatile and can actually literally kill you if you breathe it in too much

If you have 100% oxygen it means you can literally poison yourself with the thing you need to live with which lowers your life expectancy

Breathing in pure oxygen is not a bad thing as long as you don’t do it 24/7 unless you have to (mechanical ventilators LTIC dont actually give you pure oxygen it just makes you breathe if you cant control your diaphragm)

nerdiestofnerds1 , . MM Dental . / pexels (not the actual photo) Report

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Potassium chloride, the stuff they use to stop your heart during an execution, is also the same stuff they use as salt-substitute in low sodium salt products. Too much of that salt substitute can definitely kill you and there’s even a tiny warning on the label if you look for it. If you search you can find several cases of death attributed specifically to this product. 

CirothUngol , Wikipedia Report

So, what are your thoughts on all of this? Have any other consumable dangers in mind that are worth sharing? Spill the beans in the comment section below! Or check out some of the other dangers that seem perfectly fine.

Because bananas are ever so slightly radioactive, if you eat 50,000 of them in a short time frame you’ll die from radiation.

The downside is your stomach would explode and kill you long before you got anywhere close to 50,000.

Apart_Park_7176 Report

Carfentanil is 100 times more potent than fentanyl. The amount it takes to kill a grown man is the size of a grain of salt.

dma1965 Report

A poison dart frog’s skin is so poisonous that it can kill 20 men from simply touching the frog. This has to do with what wild frogs eat

possessed-by-fire Report

Just a couple bottle of blue juice valve oil for brass instruments can easily kill you. I learned this in drum corps after my buddy went to the ER because it slowly worked its way out of his valves and up his lead pipe and back out his mouthpiece.

bedriddenprism Report

50 Ordinary Things That Can End Your Life If You Accidentally Have Too Much Neutrinos are subatomic particles that barely interact with normal matter, and yet [if you were close enough to a supernova] and somehow survived everything else, there would be *so many* neutrinos that you would nonetheless receive a lethal radiation dose.

ThadisJones , Argonne National Laboratory Report

4 or 5 uncooked kidney beans are toxic and will make you sick. Not sure how many it would take to kill you.

123coryp Report

if you take Airborne three times a day like the instructions say, you will ingest 300% your daily value of vitamin A. that is the maximum amount of vitamin A you can eat before it starts doing liver damage, so hopefully you don’t have any other vitamin A sources in your diet.

Plaster_Microwave Report

There was a trace amount of pesticide used in Ben in jerry ice cream that’s toxic when ingested. However the amount used is so minute that you’d have to ingest 30or40 thousand pints of the ice cream to ingest the amount of the pesticide needed for a lethal dose.
The sucrose in the ice cream however would kill you in 30 pints.

KURO-K1SH1 Report

Just learned that THREE Starfruits is enough to induce kidney failure due to a neurotoxin they have.

DirtSmoothie Report

Skiing. If you hit a tree going anything over 30 km/h, you could potentially die depending on the circumstances

Low-Baseball-7978 Report

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