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A Journey from Trauma to Triumph

Breakthrough Method Unleashes the Power of Processing Traumatic Implicit Memories


MARYSVILLE, Wash.July 14, 2023PRLog — Get ready to witness the ultimate comeback story at the 8th IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology. A poster presentation that will leave you breathless—quite literally. Join Dr. Cynthia Sholes for “A novel method of processing traumatic implicit memories reduces distress and allows greater efficacy of positive psychological techniques.” (Poster #876) on Saturday, July 13, 2023, at 4:45 PM during the Afternoon Tea & Poster Session 2.

With a team led by Dr. Cynthia Sholes, this captivating research takes you on a journey from despair to empowerment. Picture Lexi, whose deep breaths were clouded by fear and physical limitations resulting from asthma and an amputated lung.

Implicit memories, deeply embedded since childhood, can influence our emotions and impede positive expectations and cognitive functioning. However, there is hope! A groundbreaking intervention, the rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique (rREST), has emerged to confront and conquer these emotional shackles.

In this illuminating case study, witness Lexi’s incredible transformation. Through rREST intervention, Lexi’s implicit trauma, intertwined with somatic sensations, was contextualized and reconsolidated during midlife. The impact on her physical function was nothing short of astounding.

“With meticulous tracking of her lung capacity and oxygen saturation, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery,” said Dr. Cynthia Sholes. During rREST sessions, a remote, biofeedback-based, digital muscle-test revealed stress patterns triggered by the simple act of inhaling.

Under expert guidance, Lexi tapped into her parasympathetic state, unearthing implicit memories and liberating the emotions embedded within. The results were jaw-dropping. Lexi reported an immediate ability to take deep breaths without distress. Oxygen saturation surged from 90-94% to a perfect 100%. Lung capacity soared from 300-325 mm to a staggering >550 mm. The transformation continued throughout the study, with Lexi now able to embrace the stabilizing effects of positive psychological techniques.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this awe-inspiring journey at the 8th IPPA World Congress on Positive Psychology, taking place on July 22, 2023. Experience profound transformation as we shatter barriers, rewrite narratives, and embrace the triumph within. For more information about the event, visit https://www.ippaworldcongress.org/2023-program.

About IPPA:
Founded in 2007, the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) is a registered 501(C)3 nonprofit organization based in the United States. It boasts a global membership network of thousands of academics, educators, scientists, researchers, therapists, coaches, students, and others from over 70 countries across the globe. IPPA serves as a hub for individuals passionate about positive psychology, fostering collaboration, and promoting research and practice in the field. For more information, visit https://www.ippaworldcongress.org/2023-program.

About rREST Inc.:
rREST Inc is a mental and emotional fitness company that aims to eliminate childhood and generational stress patterns. They offer evidence-based solutions including therapy, coaching, workshops, and training programs. Their team of experts works collaboratively to provide tailored solutions for individuals to achieve emotional well-being and live fulfilling lives. For more information about rREST Inc., visit https://www.rrest.com/.

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Public Relations
rREST Inc.

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