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Acclaimed Healthcare-CEO, Patrick S. Smith Unveils Groundbreaking Book

“Dementia Does Not Start In the Brain”- A Revolutionary Approach to Neurological Disease Prevention


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.Aug. 24, 2023PRLog — Acclaimed Health-Care CEO, Patrick S. Smith, Unveils Groundbreaking Book: “Dementia Does Not Start In The Brain” – A Revolutionary Approach to Neurological Disease Prevention

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida August 23, 2023- Patrick S. Smith, a distinguished figure in the realm of healthcare, is proud to announce the release of his highly anticipated book, “Dementia Does Not Start In The Brain: A New Paradigm in the Prevention of Neurological Diseases – ‘Prevention is the New Cure'”. This transformative work challenges conventional medical approaches and introduces an innovative perspective that could reshape the way we perceive and combat neurological disorders.

In this insightful volume, Smith delves deep into a critical assessment of the scientific and research communities’ conventional approach to treating diseases. Rather than merely addressing symptoms, Smith advocates for identifying and tackling the root causative issues underlying neurological disorders. He presents a thought-provoking argument against the prevailing healthcare system in Western societies, which he claims functions more as a “sick care” system, neglecting the crucial aspect of prevention.

Smith’s exploration extends to the history of Dementia, where he examines traditional pharmaceutical treatment strategies and their persistently disappointing outcomes over the span of a century. With compelling evidence and meticulous analysis, he contends that the seeds of this debilitating disease are sown much earlier than previously believed, converging from five distinct pathways in midlife to eventually culminate in what we identify as Alzheimer’s Disease.

The author passionately maintains that the prevailing method of treating individual pathways is fundamentally flawed, asserting that prevention stands as the sole viable approach. By advocating for a paradigm shift towards preventive measures, Smith introduces an explosive and transformative viewpoint that rekindles hope in the realm of neurological disease prevention.

“Dementia Does Not Start In The Brain” has the potential to revolutionize the way society perceives and handles neurological diseases. It calls for a collective reevaluation of healthcare strategies, placing emphasis on proactive measures to counteract the converging pathways that lead to dementia. This book not only presents a groundbreaking perspective but also offers tangible avenues for change.

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Join Patrick S. Smith on this unprecedented journey into a new era of neurological disease prevention. “Dementia Does Not Start In The Brain” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other worldwide booksellers. It is available in Hardcover and Ebook. Introductory price of this outstanding read is set until October 1, 2023

About Patrick S. Smith:

Patrick S. Smith is an acclaimed CEO in the healthcare sector having spent 45 years in the industry, with a profound commitment to redefining the approach to neurological diseases. With a distinguished career marked by innovative strategies, founding six healthcare enterprises that have brought better outcomes for patients, and a better quality of life, at a lower cost. Smith’s latest work, “Dementia Does Not Start In The Brain”, challenges existing norms and advocates for a paradigm shift towards prevention as the cornerstone of effective healthcare. Smith’s visionary ideas are poised to reshape the future of disease management and prevention.

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