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Angular Multi-Functional Cat Accessories

Angular Multi-Functional Cat Accessories

The Tesla Cybertruck Cat Tray is surely an unexpected product from the electric automaker and yet, here we are. As the name suggests, the design of this pet accessory takes cues from the distinct angular silhouette of Tesla’s electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck. Despite the tech-inspired name, the product itself is a straightforward cardboard box with a futuristic shape.

The product’s design is characterized by simplicity and functionality, aligning with the notion of providing a cozy space for cats to rest and play. The use of corrugated paper adds a tactile dimension to the design.

A point of contention arises from the ambiguity surrounding the intended purpose of the Tesla Cybertruck Cat Tray. The translation of the product description from Chinese to English results in differing interpretations—some refer to it as a “cat house,” while others see it as a “multi-functional cat nest.”

Image Credit: Tesla

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