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August 24 – National Widowers Day

Every year over 450,000 men suffer the death of spouse or partner. For many reasons these men suffer and grieve in isolation and loneliness. “National Widowers Day” is designed to raise awareness of this situation.

By: National Widowers Organization, Inc.



Final Logo Color Art

Final Logo Color Art

NEW YORKAug. 23, 2023PRLog — Men in our culture are expected to be strong, resilient, and able to cope on their own. Society expects them to accept the death of their spouse or partner and move on. We know that often men are left to grieve alone and suffer in silence. The National Widowers’ Organization and our Men’s Grief Network declared this special day to raise public awareness about a problem which is largely unrecognized and scarcely addressed.

Coping with the death of one’s spouse/partner may be further complicated by those men who are now facing raising their children as a single parent. While there are differences between raising young or adult children, the challenges are abundant and can be overwhelming.

Use this day to think about those men who had a spouse or partner person die and how they coped with that death. Everyone knows someone who experienced the death of a spouse/partner and if you feel they are suffering with their grief in silence reach out and let them know they are not alone.

Join the two free webinars being offered during the day on August 24th by visiting The Men’s Grief Network ( website.

The National Widowers’ Organization, a 501c3 nonprofit, was formed in 2009 to help widowers deal with the death of their spouse or life partner and has expanded to understanding and promoting support for men and their families dealing with all forms of grief.

Our mission is to support the community of men in grief by raising public awareness, providing education, research, and advocacy. Visit the National Widowers’ Organization, website ( or Men’s Greif Network (

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