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Awareness-Raising Swimwear Fashion Shows : coral city

Awareness-Raising Swimwear Fashion Shows

Natasha Tonic, a renowned sustainable swimwear designer, partnered with Coral Morphologic, “a Miami-based pioneer in the study and conservation of coral reefs,” to showcase her latest collection, dubbed ‘Coral City,’ at Paraiso Miami Swim Week. The collection aimed to raise awareness for endangered coral reefs and featured swimsuits adorned with intricate coral prints and textures inspired by Coral Morphologic’s scientific research. Natasha Tonic also emphasized material use throughout the Coral City collection, utilizing breathable hemp fabric to minimize environmental impact.

In order to pay it forward and contribute to the saving and restoration of coral reefs, Natasha Tonic has committed 10% of the collection’s proceeds to Coral Morphologic and another 10% to Ocean Gardener, an Indonesian non-profit that restores damaged reefs without the use of plastic.

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