Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Beer-Cooled Summer Jackets

Tiger Beer, in collaboration with the London-based Chinese-Canadian designer Izzy Du, is launching the world’s inaugural puffer jacket equipped with an innovative beer-powered cooling system, expressly tailored for providing relief during sweltering summer conditions.

“Making a puffer for the summer is an external expression of how refreshing and cool it feels to drink a Tiger. I started with the feeling of opening an ice-cold can of beer, and playing with the colours of the brand, before imbuing the aesthetics of the puffer with a new function,” said Izzy Du.

The jacket was crafted within Japan’s esteemed Whatever Co. studio, and features a waterproof pocket for beer, tiger fangs, a battery pack, tiger ears, a detachable hood, and a beer-powered cooling system. The ‘Tiger Summer Puffer’ will debut during Paris Fashion Week.

Image Credit: Tiger Beer

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