Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Celebrity Horror Game Characters

Behaviour Interactive, the Canadian game development studio most known for the multiplayer survival horror game ‘Dead by Daylight,’ recently unveiled a trailer for its next upcoming playable character, Nicolas Cage. The world-renowned actor will appear in the game as a lifelike rendition of himself. However, at this time it is unclear whether Nicolas Cage will be playable as a Survivor character, or as a Killer character, as the game features a one-killer, four-survivor system.

In the trailer, Nicholas Cage states: “I can shape the fabric of reality, transforming everything you may think you know,” which suggests that the character’s abilities, whether as a Killer or Survivor, will shape the reality of the game in some way, whether causing illusions to appear on-screen or having the map misshapen.

More details on the Nicolas Cage update are coming on July 5th when Behaviour Interactive releases the full trailer.

Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive

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