Sat. May 25th, 2024

Charitable Fashion Initiatives : benefit ukraine

Charitable Fashion Initiatives

The high-end fashion brand and designer KACHOROVSKA is collaborating with the SavED charity to benefit Ukraine and its educational system. The initiative will help raise funds and support educational spaces in the country.

KACHOROVSKA and SavED hope to raise one million hryvnias to restore a school in Chernihiv, addressing the devastating destruction of educational infrastructure during the war. The campaign is timely set up at the beginning of the new school year. Three unique shoe pairs, designed by KACHOROVSKA and inspired by global events, will be raffled for donations.

KACHOROVSKA’s charitable efforts and desire to benefit Ukraine in any way possible extend to producing army boots for soldiers. This strongly demonstrates the brand’s commitment to humanitarian causes amid ongoing conflicts, as well as CEO Alina Kachorovska’s dedication.


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