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Charitable Seltzer Distributions : good dogg

Charitable Seltzer Distributions

Good Dogg Beverage Co. has agreed to sell its line of hard seltzers in America starting June 2022. The company provides unique incentives with the purchase of its products, offering a ‘Leverage the Beverage Program’ that will fund service dogs for children with rare diseases. Good Dogg’s ‘Premium Hard Seltzer’ will be distributed through Black River Traders Inc., in New Jersey.

The seltzer comes in different flavors such as ‘Black Cherry,’ ‘Dragon Fruit,’ ‘Orange Mango,’ and ‘Cucumber Lime.’ The seltzer also contains 90 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar, and is measured at 4.5% ABV.

“We are excited to expand our products into the great state of New Jersey this summer,” said Good Dogg Beverage Company CEO and Founder, Tony Venturoso. “Our partnership with Black River Traders allows us to bring our premium products to New Jersey while creating the opportunity to give back.”

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