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‘Chief UNO Player’ wanted – as toy company Mattel offers five-figure sum for one month’s work | US News

'Chief UNO Player' wanted - as toy company Mattel offers five-figure sum for one month's work | US News

Skip, reverse, draw and wild cards have been features of the hit game UNO for years and one lucky person will have the chance to test its new game for a sizeable wage.

Toy company Mattel has announced it is on the lookout for its first-ever “Chief UNO Player” to spearhead its newest addition, UNO Quatro.

The job will reportedly require four hours of attendance per day, four days a week for four consecutive weeks.

It will pay $4,444 (£3,482) for each of the four weeks – meaning the player will earn a total of $17,776 (£13,926) by the end of their tenure.

The Chief UNO Player will be expected to play and teach others UNO Quatro, as well as help the team produce content for their video channels.

The Quatro game differs from the familiar deck of cards to a pile of colourful tiles where the objective is to get four in a row while matching the colour or number.

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To be in with a chance of selection, the applicant must stitch or combine their own video on TikTok with the UNO promotion video answering four questions:

• What’s your best memory of playing UNO?
• What’s your best Reverse Card moment?
• Why shouldn’t you get skipped as the Chief UNO player?
• What’s your favourite version of UNO?

Mattel said is looking for a player who “friendly” with “really good vibes” and it is desirable that they are competitive and someone who “takes UNO everywhere”.

They should also be able to work in New York from 13 September.

Applications close on 10 August.

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