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Child-Focused Handwashing Ads : H for Handwashing

Child-Focused Handwashing Ads

Lifebuoy’s ‘H for Handwashing’ campaign, an award-winning global behavior change initiative, has already impacted over 12 million schoolchildren since its inception in 2020. Intensifying its efforts in the third year, the campaign is appointing children aged 6-12 as ‘H for Handwashing’ CEOs to spread hand hygiene awareness among their peers.

Poh Khim Yin, Global Brand Lead of Lifebuoy, emphasized that 2022’s campaign focuses on driving impact, harnessing peer-to-peer learning to inspire a new generation of hand hygiene ambassadors. The campaign has appointed over 100,000 young CEOs in over 20 countries. These child ambassadors, equipped with Lifebuoy’s behavior change material, will visit schools and share handwashing resources to encourage lasting behavior change.

Highlighting the importance of peer influence in behavior change, Lifebuoy aims to incorporate handwashing in national curricula and calls upon stakeholders like teachers and parents to prioritize hand hygiene. Lifebuoy’s handwashing programs have reached over 1 billion people since 2010, underscoring the brand’s commitment to promoting healthy hygiene habits worldwide.

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