Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Colorful Pride Lingerie Campaigns : Girli

Colorful Pride Lingerie Campaigns

Bluebella has unveiled its latest campaign to celebrate Pride, fronted by Queer British singer Girli, marking the brand’s continuous commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The campaign introduces a colorful collection that includes bestselling Bluebella styles such as the Rafaela, Colette, and Irena, now reimagined in vibrant hues inspired by the rainbow flag.

Bluebella’s CEO, Emily Bendell, praises Girli (real name Amelia Toomey), as the perfect ambassador for their Pride campaign given her outspokenness on issues such as sexuality and feminism. Bendell appreciates Girli’s frankness and rebellious attitude, which aligns with the spirit of Bluebella’s campaign stars.

Girli’s unapologetic approach to her pop-punk sound has gained her significant attention in the music industry and won her a passionate following, particularly among the LGBTQIA+ youth and politically active fans. This Bluebella collection aims to empower everyone while celebrating Pride month, making it a vibrant addition to any fashion-forward lingerie collection.

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