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Community-Supporting Business Models : linked prosperity

Community-Supporting Business Models

Ben & Jerry’s is a world-renowned ice cream manufacturer with a multifaceted approach to social good and activism through its ‘Linked Prosperity’ business model and its ‘Flavor Fanatics’ consumer loyalty program. The Flavor Fanatics program is a registration-based loyalty model where members receive exclusive promotions, emails, discounts, and more. While this may seem like a typical brand loyalty service, Ben & Jerry’s drives each aspect of its business through its guiding principle, the Linked Prosperity model.

The Linked Prosperity model is one that outlines a simple mission: Ben & Jerry’s aims to have a positive impact on each entity it interacts with, whether a company, customer, brand partner, or supplier. Additionally, the company frequently hosts donation campaigns for charities, activist groups, and other NGOs that it supports, sometimes in the form of special products with packaging that reflects the support charity, and sometimes in the form of general fundraising and donations.

Then, Flavor Fanatics members receive updates via email or on the official Ben & Jerry’s outlets on details surrounding these ventures and the business’ latest promotions. This shows that Ben & Jerry’s aims to drive consumer engagement and brand loyalty through a mission-based system where it more frequently attracts customers that believe in its cause.

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