Coral Reef Restoration Projects

‘Sheba,’ the popular cat food brand, has begun operations for its ‘Hope Reef’ restoration project. This project is tackling the Salisi Besar reef in Indonesia that was previously almost completely dead. As part of this initiative, the reef has been nicknamed the ‘Sheba Hope Reef.’

Sheba is restoring the reef through a combination of healthy coral fragments from healthier parts of the ocean and manmade “reef stars.” The mixture of natural coral and manmade architecture is then placed in different areas of the reef in order to attract marine life. Then, as more marine life are attracted, more species will move in to forge an oceanic ecosystem. The coral can then continue to be naturally produced as the reef revitalizes itself.

Sheba arranged the manmade reef stars on the waterbed to spell out the word “HOPE” as an homage to the campaign. This word can be viewed from the surface.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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