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Critically-Acclaimed Assault Suits Valken Returns Fully Translated from Japanese to the SNES®

Retro-Bit® Publishing’s Accepting Pre-Orders For One-Time Release of Both Collector’s Cartridge And Deluxe Edition Packages



Assult Suits Valken Deluxe Edition

Assult Suits Valken Deluxe Edition

POMONA, Calif.Oct. 3, 2023PRLog — One of the most celebrated action games of all time is back. Retro-Bit®  Publishing (, a publishing imprint of Retro-Bit® announced today that the pre-order window has officially opened for Assault Suits Valken.  For the first time, this title has been fully translated from Japanese to English on a limited-edition collector’s cartridge of the critically acclaimed run-and-gun platformer. Available in both a standard Collector’s Cartridge ($59.99/€64,99) and as a Deluxe Edition set ($79.99/€89,99).  This will be an exclusive one-production run available only for preorder from October 3rd to November 5th, 2023.

Originally published in the United States and Europe in 1993 under the name Cybernator, Assault Suits Valken is a cinematic run-and-gun platformer following Jake Brain, a soldier of the United Pacific States Marines who pilots an assault suit in a futuristic war for both land and resources. Pushing the assault suit (and the Super NES) to their limits, the game throws Jake into the most exciting moments of the fight while giving him a wide variety of firepower and unique abilities, ranging from hand-to-hand combat to a jetpack. The game is best remembered for its well-written dialogue, dark story, open-level designs, and inventive boss fights.

Upon release, Assault Suits Valken was praised as one of the most exciting action games ever made. At the time, magazine critics called the game:

  • “Absolutely brilliant” -Super Play
  • “Close to perfection” -Die Hard Game Fan
  • “What a mech game should look and play like” -Super NES Buyer’s Guide
  • “Incredibly hot gameplay” -GamePro
  • “The Super NES really shows its stuff in this game” -Electronic Gaming Monthly
  • “If you only buy one blaster this year, make sure you buy this” -Computer + Video Games
  • “Great graphics, excellent control, non-stop action, what more is there?” -Nintendo Power

Back on the SNES® for the first time in thirty years, this upcoming release will feature a numbered deluxe magnetic hardcover box, a full-colored instruction manual, and a 16-bit bronze-shielded cartridge in the Collector’s Edition package. There will also be a Deluxe Edition set, which will include a hard embossed collection slipcase, celebratory acrylic stand, commemorative coin, numbered deluxe magnetic hardcover box, a full-colored instruction manual, and Aurum Armor Gold 16-bit cartridge.  Retro-Bit has also collaborated with SoundBytes™ to include an exclusive Assault Suits Valken sound effects keychain only available with the Deluxe Edition set.

Assault Suits Valken hasn’t missed a step in thirty years, and remains one of the most exciting action games you’ll ever play,” explains Veronica Avina, Marketing Strategist at Retro-Bit Publishing. “We’re excited to bring the Japanese version to North America and Europe, restoring many of the cuts made in previous releases. We are thrilled to partner up with SoundBytes™ to commemorate this box-worthy release with an exclusive sound effects keychain that we are sure fans will enjoy.”

Assault Suits Valken is the latest in Retro-Bit Publishing’s growing line of limited-edition collector’s cartridges. Over the last year, the company has announced physical releases of Gley Lancer, Sol-Deace, and El Viento on the Genesis, as well as a Hammerin’ Harry box set that includes the first two games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This year also saw Retro-Bit Publishing release NES and Super NES versions of Battletoads/Double Dragon.

Pre-orders of this one-production run for both the Collectors Cartridge ($59.99/€64,99) and Deluxe Edition ($79.99/€89,99) Assault Suits Valken will be available from October 3rd through November 5th, visit the Retro-Bit website ( for all participating retailers. North American pre-orders can be placed through Limited Run Games (, Rondo Products (, and Castlemania Games (, while European retailers will be available at NedGame (–retro-bit-/8666816350/), Spel, & Sant (, DragonBox Shop (, United Games (, Retro Cables (, Xtralife (, Just for Games (, 8Bitmods UK (, and more later this week.

A portion of the proceeds generated by Retro-Bit’s Assault Suits Valken re-release will be donated to the Video Game History Foundation (, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and teaching the history of video games.

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