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Cross-Border Collaboration Pavilions : polish pavilion

Cross-Border Collaboration Pavilions

The Polish pavilion at this year’s London Design Biennale garnered a lot of attention as the piece sought to redefine what cross-border collaboration can look like. Titled Poetics of Necessity, the installation was developed by Fundacja BRDA and embraced an ongoing project that the non-profit has been occupied with. The organization has been sourcing windows from households and businesses in Poland in order to help rebuild Ukraine once the war is over. To date, Fundacja BRDA has gathered over 12,000 windows.

Poetics of Necessity seeks to extend this project to other countries. The Polish pavilion “encouraged Londoners to donate their unused or unsellable windows.” The piece fit perfectly with the 2023 London Design Bienalle Theme—Remapping Collaboration. Fundacja BRDA was recognized with the medal for the best overall contribution at the event.

Image Credit: Taran Wilkhu

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