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Disruptive Pattern. Are You The Odd One Out? | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Are You The Odd One Out?

Dominus Owen Markham

How often have you heard the phrase “don’t try and reinvent the wheel”?

The term is often used in business to indicate that evergreen methods will always be the mainstay.

The basic design of the wheel dates back to the 4th millennium BC and that said it still exists but has gone through many changes and it is indeed the backbone of the transport, agricultural, and craft industries.

That said and whilst the wheel itself will not be reinvented, as such, the advancement of technology likely means it will be superseded to some extent.

Zooming around like a million Jetsons is not too far off in the future!

Observing The Evergreen Principals

Sales and Marketing often also work on the basis that, a specific methodology has “always worked”, so why change it? There are facets of that assertion I agree with, the application of psychological principles is worthy of consideration within the context of business…but the marketplace is ever-changing.

In an ever-changing marketplace and being able to stand out from the rest takes a little more than just following the accepted methods blindly.

When observing the innovation of several businesses, actually deviating from the “evergreen path”, clearly they are realising they have to work even harder at standing out from the crowd. I am sure you are beginning to note the “scroll-stopping” adverts seen in social media, that are starting to harness what I call the “Disruptive Pattern” and that definitely slows down the media blur.

Why Create A Disruptive Pattern When Marketing?

To an ex-British forces serviceman, such as myself, a disruptive pattern is more about concealing, but perhaps there is an element to this also in successful sales copy and visual marketing.

Creating a disruption in the traditionally accepted pattern of long-acknowledged methods of advertising is something to be considered going forward. When you consider that you have around 8 to 10 seconds to communicate your value proposition to keep customer attention and that’s when and if you have grabbed their attention, which needs to happen within 3 seconds or less!

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