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Don’t Sell Your Soul, Sell YOUR Product | by Dominus Owen Markham | Oct, 2023

Backdoor Affiliate Marketing System

At the outset, I think I need to point out that Affiliate Marketing DOES WORK and I have an ongoing success with it.

For those unsure about being an affiliate and what it actually means: basically someone is selling a product or service, you sign up to promote their stuff in return for a commission on the sale of said product or service.

What you have to realise is YOU become part of their traffic source…fair enough if you are getting a slice of the cake and no requirement to create a product are deal with the customer service.

However, give this some thought…you are spending time and effort seeking customers for a third party and as the saying goes “time is money”. Let’s say you get $10, $20 or $30 on a conversion…how many hours did that take you?

What if, all that effort was focused on YOUR product or service?

I know some of you may not have anything to sell but I would encourage you to repurpose the 4 to 6 hours you spend promoting other peoples products into investigating what you could sell.

There are many options which are good entry points for people starting out. An easy route in is PLR (Private Label Rights) products…you but these eBook’s, articles, courses, relabel them as your own and sell them…keeping 100% of the sale!

The beauty of having your own digital product is you can sell it over and over again with little or no overhead.

Decide on a niche that suits you, get a website (don’t listen to the gurus…websites and blogs are still a positive in online business) and start simple, an eBook with your brand on it…sell or even giveaway at the start. Make sure you have a mechanism to collect buyer emails (key to the process).

Ensure your website has a blogging function, this helps to create traffic and authenticity and a platform on which to promote YOUR latest digital asset.

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