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Fine Dining in the Florida Keys, Chef Alan Wilkinson features His Own Dry Aged Meat Pr

Dry-Aged Beef is once again making its way back to the Florida Keys thanks to Chef Alan Wilkinson.


ISLAMORADA, Fla.July 7, 2023PRLogWhat was once Old is now New:

Chef Alan Wilkinson’s dry-aging of Prime-grade and Wagyu-grade meats and seafood was once considered the norm at impeccable restaurants. Nowadays, it is not so. At this moment, Chef Alan is now the advocate for all restaurants in the Florida Keys with his unique dry aging of meats and seafood. Fine dining has now been elevated to another level, with Chef Alan’s plan to promote aged beef and “keys food”.

Associating dry-aged steaks – within the Florida Keys restaurants, “we currently see there are very few first-class steak house restaurants”, says Chef Alan. “While we take pride in the locally harvested seafood, we also take fulfillment in everything else we do. That’s why I decided to start dry aging steaks.” Chef Alan Wilkinson continues, “When I found out there are no steakhouses in the Florida Keys serving dry-aged beef, I saw a great opportunity to provide something special for our guests in this community. We like to label our dry-aged beef program the #southernmostdryage operation in the States.”

Chef Alan Wilkinson says, “This is our motto: we will only use the best Local and Organic ingredients – that are simple and fundamental bold statements for new menu concepts.” Chef Alan continues, “Of course, previous culinary standards have helped mold our Florida Keys cuisine.” Even the garnishments that are use are from a local Islamorada Microgreens farmer. Our next endeavor will solely use locally Keys-raised honey, pineapples, goat’s cheese, and eggs.

How has this chef’s modern Florida Keys menu evolved?

It starts with the basics.

Chef Alan Wilkinson was born and raised in The Florida Keys. A “Keys Kid” native,​ ​Chef Alan Wilkinson says. “our new menus specialize in U.S. regional American cuisine and have infused that spirit into a reinvented menus rich in regionally inspired dishes crafted with local and organic ingredients​”.

His family (with his wife and 2-year-old son) are the fourth family generation to thrive in the Florida Keys.  “My family was a legacy of law enforcement. For me growing up, I knew I wanted to do my own thing,” says Chef Alan. “We used to catch fish and sea creatures for fish tanks for the marine studies class at our local Islamorada high school. Right then I realized how special and unique my home is and what the Upper Keys has to offer showcasing what the Florida Keys is all about gastronomically.”

The Florida Keys have been known for a lot of things; the fishing, sunsets, and family to vacations  “now this level of cooking and hospitality will influence other chefs and restaurants in the Florida Keys.”

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