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Flashing Blue or Green Vehicle Lights? What Do They Mean and Who Is Legally Authorized To Use Them?


OLD SAYBROOK, Conn.July 22, 2023PRLog — What do you do when a vehicle with a blue or green flashing light is behind you? Too many cars these days are not reacting to the blue or green lights in fire and ambulance volunteers’ vehicles the same way they would to a siren or emergency vehicle, says Max Sabrin, Deputy Chief/Public Information Officer (PIO) with the Connecticut Fire Police (CFP) organization.

In fact, safely pulling over when you see these flashing emergency lights of first responders has become more of an issue, he suggests, because more drivers seem unfamiliar with how local emergency services operate, especially volunteer fire and emergency medical services.

That’s why the “Blue Light/Green Light Move To The Right” campaign is urging motorists to do their part to help first responders get to the firehouse, ambulance facility, or the scene of an accident, fire, or other emergency.

The “Blue Light/Green Light Move To The Right” campaign reminds motorists that when they’re safely checking their rear-view mirror if they spot an ordinary-looking car flashing a green light (for EMS/ambulance volunteers) or a blue light (for fire department volunteers) to safely pull over whenever possible to let them pass.

These flashing blue or green emergency lights are authorized to the volunteers who staff most of the first responder services available in Connecticut. While these flashing lights are considered “courtesy lights” and by law do not require you to safely pull over for first responders, says Sabrin, it is considered a courtesy to do so to allow these volunteers to get to those in need of their help.

“Some drivers can seem unaware of all that’s going on around them and that’s a dangerous situation for the driver, other people on the roadway, and for our first responders,” explains Sabrin. “That’s why we as first responders strongly urge defensive driving techniques — to always be aware of your surroundings, to slow down, stay off your phones, and accept conditions where the volume of traffic is high,” says Sabrin.

Careless driving can result in accidents and injuries so always be aware and alert whenever you get behind the wheel. Sabrin also warns that careless pedestrians may step out into traffic or be looking at their smartphones, not the surrounding traffic, and that can be extremely dangerous.

Failing to be aware of your surroundings can be dangerous to you and others. Remember: the next time you see a flashing blue or green emergency light of a first responder’s vehicle, that volunteer could be going to help your neighbor, your friend, or your relative — because every second truly counts in an emergency!

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