Tue. May 28th, 2024

Food in a Northern climate vlog | Living off the land off grid

 Still early days but finally got a grasp of what foods/crops work in a cold northern climate. 

There has been trials on going for the past two seasons and I can see what works really well and what doesn’t. 

Growing food using a no dig permaculture approach seems to be working well and next season i would like to try growing on hay bales.

 Also in this vlog is the newer pond, harvesting some food to cook and eat and all the usual antics. 

This Vlog is early and I hope to still get one done for Sunday. This is 100% reality of living off the grid and setting up a homestead on a low budget. 

This is the path to self sufficiency and all support from you really helps so please comment, like and subscribe to the channel and follow along to see if it works out…or not… 

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