Sat. May 25th, 2024

Furry Avant-Garde Shoe Designs

Furry Avant-Garde Shoe Designs

Described as “never one to shy away from the experimental and absurd,” doublet recently introduced a heat-during avant-garde shoe design that the label designed in collaboration with two accomplices, SUICOKE and Vibram. The distinctive and unconventional footwear creation that resulted from this three-way partnership has been dubbed ‘The Bat.’

The avant-garde shoe design takes on SUICOKE’s FUTON-LO style and is designed for the Fall/Winter 2023 reason. The model reflects the daringly bold and conceptual approach that doublet is well-known for and takes advantage of “Vibram’s Furoshiki techniques.”

The integration of faux-fur lining and bat-eared toe design elements creates a visually striking aesthetic that moves consumers to do a double take. The retail price of $430 USD reflects the shoe’s limited edition nature and the craftsmanship involved in its creation..

Image Credit: SUICOKE, hypebeast, suicoke

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