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Global Connections Event: MATRADE x GoBiz USA



Event Attendees

Event Attendees

JOHOR BAHRU, MalaysiaAug. 18, 2023PRLog — On Wednesday, August 16th, in Johor Bahru (Peninsular Malaysia), there was an unmistakable atmosphere of anticipation in the city. Amidst the regular hustle and bustle on the streets, there was an added energy; a sense of purpose that was hard to miss.

The reason was the long awaited “Global Connections” event at the Malaysia Productivity Corporation in Bandar Baru UDA where we were scheduled to present on the speaker panel. Armed with a keen sense of observation and a commitment to detail, our GoBiz USA Malaysia team set out to immerse themselves in this significant event, eager to set the stage for opportunities and provide new avenues of business for those who are ready to expand.

The event collaboration between GoBiz and MATRADE proved to be a game-changer for many local businesses and here is what we have to report for all of those who missed this meeting of the minds.

Event Highlights

  • Date and Time: August 16, 2023, 8.45am to 2.00pm
  • Intention: To shed light on the vast potentials of cross-border e-commerce, especially for MSMEs.

The Day’s Agenda

  • Creating an awareness about the vast potential of cross-border e-commerce for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).
  • Showcasing various platforms that MSMEs can use for their cross-border e-commerce ventures.
  • Introducing MATRADE’s unique trade promotion programs linked to digital trade.

While the event targeted MSMEs and business organizations based in Johor, it was graced by a plethora of enthusiastic participants from various industries and backgrounds.

GoBiz USA’s Malaysia team played an instrumental role in this event. As a proud partner of MATRADE, we were privileged to:

  • Engage with the audience during a speaking slot, sharing invaluable insights and experiences.
  • Set up a kiosk for one-on-one consultations. This personal touch provided many MSMEs with tailored advice, helping them navigate the complex waters of digital trade.

Event Outcome

It’s essential to highlight that the guests came with high hopes and were not disappointed. They learned new insights and made connections with others in the market. We’re thrilled to report that many walked away with more than they anticipated.

For the GoBiz USA Malaysia team, the reception was overwhelmingly positive. MSMEs seemed keen to understand the intricacies of digital trade and cross-border e-commerce, signaling a bright future for businesses ready to tap into global markets.

Vision for the Future

This collaboration between MATRADE and GoBiz USA is just the beginning. We aim to foster an environment where MSMEs feel empowered to explore digital avenues. By bridging the gap between traditional business models and the digital frontier, we hope to see more MSMEs thriving on global platforms.

The “Global Connections” event was more than just an event; it was a leap towards a digitally inclusive future for businesses. Here at GoBiz USA, we’re excited about what the future holds, and we’re eager to be a part of your journey.

Stay connected with us, and let’s explore the digital world together!

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