Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Google Offers New Career Certificates That Prepare Students for Jobs in 2-6 Months: Try Them Out for $1 Until June 22

Since 2021, Google has released a steady stream of online courses designed to help students earn a professional certificate in six months and land an entry-level job. Early on, Google developed certificate programs in five professional areas: User Experience (UX) DesignData AnalyticsProject ManagementIT Support and IT Automation. In 2023, the tech company has added several new programs to its lineup, each offered through Coursera’s online education platform. The latest additions include Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Data Analytics. On average, these certificate programs take 2-6 months to complete.

If you would like to receive a Google professional certificate, you will need to sign up for Coursera Plus, which usually runs $59 per month. (That means that a certificate generally costs about $120-$360 to complete overall.) However, right now, Coursera has a special promotion–which ends soon on June 22–where you can sign up for the first month of Coursera Plus for just $1. That gives you a very affordable way to try out Google’s certificate programs and other programs offered on Coursera. Since the offer expires soon, don’t delay. Access the deal for $1 here.

Nota Bene: Open Culture has a partnership with Coursera. If readers enroll in certain Coursera courses and programs, it helps support Open Culture.

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