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Incarcerated Employment Programs : Next Chapter

Incarcerated Employment Programs

Next Chapter is a program that aims to create a more equitable workplace for formerly incarcerated individuals in the technology sector. Their goal is to empower these individuals as skilled software engineers and support their successful transition into the workforce. The program offers comprehensive coding bootcamp sponsorships, hands-on apprenticeship placements, and dedicated career support and mentorship.

Hiring justice-involved talent can bring diversity of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds to your team, leading to greater innovation and creativity. Traditional hiring processes often overlook these individuals, resulting in companies missing out on a pool of highly skilled and motivated workers. By partnering with Next Chapter, employers have the opportunity to tap into this untapped talent pool and contribute to building a more inclusive tech industry.

Next Chapter follows a structured process that includes recruitment from community, non-profit, and education partners, technical coursework, coding bootcamp scholarships, early career opportunities through apprenticeships or full-time employment, and cultural onboarding support provided by Next Chapter staff.

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