Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Inclusive Lunch Campaigns : love your lunch

Inclusive Lunch Campaigns

AAPI Montclair is introducing the ‘LOVE YOUR LUNCH’ campaign to fight food-shaming often faced by Asian American and Pacific Islander children who bring homeade lunches to school. The ‘LOVE YOUR LUNCH’ campaign celebrates AAPI foods and works to dismantle the culture of hate experienced by AAPI children who bring culturally diverse lunches to school.

‘LOVE YOUR LUNCH’ will host an art contest for K-12 AAPI students across New Jersey, and will also publish social media content spreading awareness about the topic. Gift boxes will include educational books and content to help children learn how to respect everyone’s lunch. Various local restaurants such as 7 Doors Down, Ani Ramen, Brick Lane Curry House, and more will help fund the art contest’s prizes and display the children’s works on their storefronts.

Image Credit: AAPI Montclair

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