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Inclusive Outdoor Trail Campaigns : inclusive outdoor trail

Inclusive Outdoor Trail Campaigns

Inclusive outdoor trails are paramount for respectful and caring city planning. For Global Accessibility Awareness Day this year, CLIF BAR proudly partnered with the Trans Canada Trail to increase advocacy and funding for ” accessible and inclusive trails for everyone, regardless of ability, from coast-to-coast.” The campaign also enlists CLIF athletes, influencers, Paralympic athletes, and activists to amplify the message.

The partnership between CLIF BAR and Trans Canada Trail also sees a contribution of $33,500 CAD to help support advancements in accessibility. The funds provide local Trail groups “to support accessibility improvements on their sections of the Trans Canada Trail” and advance the vision for the fully inclusive outdoor trail. Funds will also go toward developing an Accessibility Mapping Program that can help identify areas that need improvement, an All Persons Trails Program, and more.

Image Credit: Colleen Glover

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