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Indigenous-Supporting Cosmetics Brands : warrior rewards

Indigenous-Supporting Cosmetics Brands

Cheekbone Beauty, a St. Catherines, Ontario-based cosmetics brand known for its high-quality, cruelty-free products, has a unique way of driving customer loyalty for its brand. In addition to using a point-based system for consumer rewards through its ‘Warrior Rewards’ system, the company also offers additional charity-related benefits based on spending milestones.

As part of Cheekbone Beauty’s mission statement, the company aims to support Indigenous communities and organizations that support Indigenous communities. Cheekbone Beauty outlines that it prioritizes making a difference in the lives of Indigenous youth through donations, charities, educational ventures, and overall inclusive actions.

Cheekbone Beauty’s outspoken support of indigenous communities and people is a form of mission-driven loyalty. Aside from offering rewards related to its point-based redemption system, the company drives loyalty by attracting new customers that believe in its values and its cause, and want to contribute to this positive mission.

Image Credit: Cheekbone Beauty

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