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Injustice-Addressing Cannabis Brands : Weldon Angelos

Injustice-Addressing Cannabis Brands

Weldon Angelos, a prominent advocate for criminal justice reform and the founder of The Weldon Project and Mission [Green], has launched REEFORM. This ethically driven indoor flower brand is made possible because of a partnership with Glass House Brand, as well. Weldon Angelos, who spent 13 years of a 55-year prison sentence for cannabis-related charges before receiving a pardon in 2020, has transformed into a fervent activist since his release.

The primary focus for REEFORM is to address the injustices stemming from the failed War on Drugs and to contribute to the rehabilitation of individuals impacted by cannabis-related prohibition. Through the brand, Weldon Angelos and Glass House Brand seek to engage in direct assistance for the release of unjustly incarcerated individuals and to facilitate their reintegration into society. REEFORM’s multifaceted approach includes offering scholarships to Oaksterdam University, aiding in employment opportunities within the cannabis industry, and engaging with lawmakers to drive policy reform at local and state levels.

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