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Lava-Based Architecture Proposals

Lava-Based Architecture Proposals

Icelandic architect Arnhildur Palmadottir has put forward an outlandish design proposal, involving controlled lava eruptions. The professional is certainly pushing the envelope on architectural innovations and she shared her idea during the 2022 DesignMarch festival in Reykjavík.

Titled ‘Lavaforming,’ Arnhildur Palmadottir suggested that controlled lava eruptions can be utilized to create buildings. After all, “lava is the building material of the earth,” as the Icelandic architect told Dezeen in an interview. Such a radical pivot in material use is not only mind-boggling but it would also be “substantially more sustainable” than the current options—steel and concrete, for example. The Lavaforming proposal includes three possible uses for the material. For one, the lava will be cooled and used as “traditional building material.” Secondly, it can be 3D printed in a molten state. And, thirdly, it can be used as the structural basis for a city.

Image Credit: Dezeen

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