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“Listen To This” returns to Dave Bryant’s “TTs” exploring the early electric period of Miles Davis

“Third Thursdays” with Dave Bryant and Friends: a monthly harmolodic jazz series, continues in July with “Listen To This” playing the music of Miles Davis from his early electric period 1968-1975.



"Listen To This" playing the music of Miles Davis.

“Listen To This” playing the music of Miles Davis.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.June 23, 2023PRLog — For the past year, improvising keyboardist Dave Bryant, curator and host of the “Third Thursdays” series of monthly harmolodic jazz concerts, has also been involved with the “Listen To This” musical project, which explores the rich musical legacy of Miles Davis, particularly from his early electric period 1968-1975. The project includes founder Jerome Deupree of Morphine and Either/Orchestra (drums), Russ Gershon of Either/Orchestra (woodwinds, organ), Rick Barry of Bim Skala Bim and Lookie Lookie (percussion), Todd Brunel of Know Orchestra (bass clarinet), J. Johnson of Parlour Bells (guitar), Rick McLaughlin of Either/Orchestra (bass), and Bryan Murphy of The Shills (trumpet), along with Bryant of Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time (keyboards).

“Listen To This” appeared at “Third Thursdays” last May 2022, and since then the group has been performing in local and greater New England venues. As one audience member so rightly put it: “Listen To This fills the room with hot blue sparks and a primeval, funked-up vibe, the element that pushes a good show to greatness . . . a brilliant flash of improvisation, beyond genre, the ghost of a ghost who shows up out of nowhere and just hangs out. . . .”

About the “Listen To This” project, Bryant notes “It’s been remarkably gratifying to see the Listen To This group, so ably founded by Jerome and Russ, continue from its Third Thursdays debut to take on a life of its own. This is a band composed of very special individuals with a unique chemistry.”

This is the fourth concert in year two of the “Third Thursdays” series. This second year (running from April 2023-March 2024) will continue to periodically feature artists who are also former Ornette Coleman colleagues. The ultimate goal of “Third Thursdays” is to share experiences of free jazz played using Coleman’s unique approach. Each month’s concert is a totally different experience, catapulting performers—and their listeners—out of their usual comfort zone with ear-catching transcendent musical moments.

The monthly “Third Thursdays” performances and interviews have been documented at dbryantmusic.com/third-thursdays. Performance videos and interviews with former Coleman colleagues are also available at youtube.com/@davebryantmusic/videos (https://www.youtube.com/@davebryantmusic/videos).

Listings information for July:
“Third Thursdays” with Dave Bryant and Friends: a monthly harmolodic jazz series. Continues on Thursday, July 20, 8:00 pm, with “Listen To This” playing the music of Miles Davis from his early electric period 1968-1975. With founder Jerome Deupree (drums), Russ Gershon (woodwinds, organ), Rick Barry (percussion), Dave Bryant (keyboards), Todd Brunel (bass clarinet), J. Johnson (guitar), Rick McLaughlin (bass), and Bryan Murphy (trumpet). For further updates, visit dbryantmusic.com/third-thursdays/. Admission at the door: $10/person (cash/check/charge). Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, 1555 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138. Contact information: bryantequilibria@gmail.com, 617-447-3030.

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