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Love Spell Candle – The Craft Shack

Love Spell Candle – The Craft Shack


Soy wax candle with rose quartz gemstones and jasmine fragrance is the candle of LOVE.

Candles are used in most magical rituals for their fabulous power. They bring the energy of fire, rebirth and purification.

The light of the love candle ignites two important energies in the hearts of lovers: Romance and passion.

Normally, pink candles are dedicated to romantic and pure love and red candles to passion and seduction.

But a good romance needs a bit of both! Love is very important, but sensuality and seduction are also essential in a couple’s life.

This is why the love candle is complete: it feeds the fire of passion and affection between partners. With its brightness and strength, this candle can help to strengthen your romance.

Burning time: 50 hours

Weight: 600g H: 20cm D: 5cm

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