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Making Moves in Asia: LDJ Rockefeller Research Group Introduces New CEO Jeong Cheol Park

Jeong Cheol Park joins the team of the LDJ Rockefeller Research Group as its Chief Executive Officer with CFO Edward Kim and COO Jason Kim


NEW YORKAug. 9, 2023PRLog — LDJ Rockefeller Research Group or LDJ RRG announces Jeong Cheol Park as its Chief Executive Officer. LDJ Rockefeller Research Group or LDJ RRG is a market research and data analysis group harnessing relevant and compelling data and technologies for global market investment research.

Jeong Cheol Park has prior experience in working on real estate development and REITs as the COO of J. Dynasty, as the Senior Head of Planning Officer of Our Golf Ltd., and as a general director working on national projects throughout Southeast Asia like Cambodia and  Vietnam under Duwon Asset Co., Ltd.

“With over two decades of experience as an industry analyst, I have covered the field from commodities all the way to modern fintech,” CEO Park said. “However, as we progress into a more competitive economic environment, the traditional analytical norms are slowly fading away. It has therefore become increasingly important to have overall knowledge and timely insights, depth of research, innovative methodologies, global coverage, ethical practices, and institutional-grade research and analytics in various sectors and to apply this knowledge to emerging sectors. I believe these are among the most vital factors needed for a market research and analysis company to excel in this highly competitive industry.”

Alongside CEO Jeong Cheol Park, some of the LDJ RRG executive team consists of Chief Financial Officer and partner Edward Kim and Chief Operating Officer Jason Kim. CFO Edward Kim is a skilled banker and fund manager and is currently affiliated with PanAsia and serves as a board member for YOZMA Asia and as a Managing Director at GLAM Capital Group Hong Kong.

“Our CEO, Jeong Cheol Park, will be responsible for overseeing business and project management. As the LDJ RRG CFO, I will manage finance, origination, and structured finance. Lastly, our COO, Jason Kim, will manage the day-to-day operations and human resources,” Edward Kim noted.

CEO Park also shared that the LDJ RRG’s vision is to provide a destination for people to explore and uncover comprehensive research and to establish the foremost customer-centric research firm in Asia.

“Having several emerging markets and significant economic growth for the past 50 years makes Asia a diverse powerhouse market and a great region filled with opportunities for market research and data analytics. LDJ RRG’s creativity and broad knowledge across industries enables us to provide superior research intel and services for our clientele compared to our competitors. This is precisely why we wanted to grow our network reach in Asia and, eventually, on a global scale,” Park shared.

About LDJ Rockefeller Research Group

LDJ Rockefeller Research Group (LDJ RRG) embodies top-notch market research and in-depth analysis based on comprehensive industry knowledge to empower successful investments and sustainable businesses. LDJ RRG points you to innovative and time-tested solutions with a passion for high quality data and a commitment to excellent research so you will reach your goals with conviction.

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