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Man kept father’s dead body in freezer ‘so he could talk to him’ | World News

Police in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. File pic

A man has been caught storing his dead father’s body in his freezer.

Police in the town of Landgraaf, in the Netherlands, reportedly discovered the corpse after concerns were raised by a family doctor who was worried about the 101-year-old father’s health.

Dutch media reported the man’s son, 82, told officers he “did not want to let him go, or I would miss him”.

De Limburger newspaper said the son claimed he decided to put his parent’s corpse in the freezer when he died of natural causes 18 months ago, so he could “continue to talk to him”.

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Police are reportedly now investigating whether any fraud has been committed.

Council officials who visited the house are said to have described it as a “mess” and given the son a week to clear it up.

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