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Maryland Department of Agriculture & Everblue Partner to Offer Online Pesticide License Exams

The contract will support all new and existing contractors in need of pesticide certification or licensure in Maryland.


BALTIMOREJune 13, 2023PRLog — The Maryland Department of Agriculture will introduce the option of online pesticide certification exams through a partnership with Everblue, an innovative technology company that specializes in digitizing and automating processes.

Using Everblue’s proprietary registration and test delivery system, certification candidates will be able to register online for their state pesticide exam and will be immediately enrolled into their on-demand tests. After doing a systems check of their computer, a candidate will be able to complete their licensure exam from home.

Prior to this partnership, candidates were required to test in person and choose from scheduled test dates that occurred every other month. The digitization of exam content, coupled with the on-demand delivery, will provide greater convenience, access, and flexibility for exam candidates.

“Our goal is to simplify the certification process, improve efficiency, and generally provide a better user experience,” said Chris Boggiano, president of Everblue. “Bearing in mind that taking a state certification exam is already a stressful experience, we strive to eliminate all the inconveniences and frustrations associated with scheduling an in-person test appointment. Now it’s as simple as registering, paying, and taking the exam from home when the timing is convenient for the test-taker.”

In addition to a better user experience for test candidates, Everblue’s automated test delivery workflow also benefits test administrators working at the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Everblue will single-handedly manage the registration and enrollment of all candidates who choose the online delivery format and will provide online test proctoring to maintain the credibility of the exam experience. Upon completion of the online exam, Everblue will report test results back to the state.

“In essence, the Maryland Department of Agriculture can save time and manual effort by shifting the logistics of exam delivery, proctoring, and scoring to Everblue,” Boggiano said. “We’ve been offering this service to several other state departments of agriculture, and it’s been working very well, so we fully anticipate this to be an excellent experience for Maryland pesticide operators too.”

Candidates will still have to apply with the state before they can register and take a test. After receiving approval from the state, a candidate will have the option to test remotely with Everblue or follow the traditional path of paper-based testing in person.

For more information about Maryland’s remote pesticide certification and licensure, contact Robert Hofstetter at

About Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Office of Plant Industries and Pest Management

The MDA Office of Plant Industries and Pest Management is made up of six sections: Pesticide Regulation, Forest Pest Management, Plant Protection and Weed Management, Turf and Seed, Mosquito Control, and State Chemist. These sections administer programs and enforce state or federal laws, regulations and quarantines related to management of pests that affect health of crops, forests, and natural areas; application and disposal of pesticides within the state; mosquito control; quality of commercial agricultural products sold in Maryland; quality of seeds and turf; and control of noxious weeds.

About Everblue (

Everblue helps create a better world by making organizations more responsive and productive through innovation and technology. Everblue empowers professionals and organizations to achieve success, by offering a comprehensive suite of professional training programs and certification management solutions. Its curriculum includes short-term courses focused on emerging technology fields, such as energy efficiency and cybersecurity. In addition to training courses, Everblue also helps its organizational clients with digital test administration, online exam hosting, proctoring, badging, and association membership management.

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