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Men on Tiktok Say BBLs Stink but Women Explain Why

It seems BBLs (Brazilian butt lifts, for the uninitiated) need to come with a warning sticker: Get one and you may stink. At least, that’s what male partners of women with BBLs have gone online to say.

“Yeah, those BBLs be stinkin, ’ ” says @donpsoundsoff on TikTok before sharing a story about a date with a BBL baddie. “She took off everything very seductively and started twerking that thing. I smelled the smell. It was like an assault of my nose.”

His post got nearly 10K responses, including this one from @CoachRay “Big facts!!! no shade to the ones that have BBL, but me and look at the ones that have BBLs as fun, no wifey.” And from @empirestate: “Thank you brother for putting this out there.”

As usual, the online community has come to the rescue, offering causes and cures.

On TikTok, there’s consensus. It’s hard to clean a BBL.

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According to @ToothlessRecoveryBarbie, who has a BBL and speaks from experience, “Your ass is so rock hard. I could barely get toilet paper and a hand between my butt cheeks. I think girls aren’t wiping good enough.”

@PrettyRealist says, “When God created us, he gave us arms. All of our arms is made specifically for our body. You probably have a hard time wiping your ass properly because your body is a little bit wider than your arms are allowing you to reach.”

@Anaiah.Denae offered a kindler, gentler approach: “My only advice is being that you have a new body, a shapely figure you never had before, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn how to take proper care. I know it might be difficult to clean when you’re sore, and it might be difficult getting used to having a bigger backside.”

Plastic surgeon @DrRogerTsai confirms the speculation: “Wiping down there is going to be more difficult because there’s more to reach around.”

BBLs are a popular procedure, according to the Cleveland Clinic, with more than 21,000 performed in 2020, so this discussion is crucial.

Fortunately, social goes beyond just talking about the causes and offers cures. Online remedies vary, but @naked.lavender’s homemade soap sounds like it might mask bad odors without chemicals. It includes ingredients “goat’s milk, oils, mango and coconut milk, carrot cake, sunny strawberry guava, Bartlett pear, peach hibiscus, apple, papaya, warm rustic woods,” which sounds to us more like an elaborate fruit salad than a cure but whatever works.

Short of not getting a BBL, perhaps the best way to, as Brothers Johnson sang in the ’70s, get the funk out ma face, is to follow the recommendation of one TikTok commenter: “Invest in a bidet. It’s life changing.”

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