Tue. May 28th, 2024

Natural Tresspassing Campaigns : Nature Is For Everyone

Natural Tresspassing Campaigns

Lush is dedicated to crafting fresh, handmade cosmetics using natural, safe ingredients while minimizing packaging waste, and it’s teaming up with UK non-profit Right to Roam for the Nature is for Everyone campaign. The organization is campaigning for a Right to Roam act in England, which would give the public access to open countryside, whether that land is privately or publicly owned. As it stands, according to Right to Roam, 92% of the English countryside and 97% of rivers off limits to the public.

Lush is now inviting consumers to trespass in natural areas that are traditionally off-limits and its campaign efforts include in-store signage, the distribution of Trespass Guides across stores and a special footpath-shaped Right to Foam soap that brings more awareness to the cause.

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