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NextLabs SkyDRM Product Update – July 2023


SAN MATEO, Calif.July 25, 2023PRLog — Powered by a Zero Trust unified policy server and patented Dynamic Authorization policy engine, SkyDRM – NextLabs’ Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM) solution, enables secure collaboration and sharing of sensitive documents flowing through internal and external business processes. SkyDRM provides persistent protection of data in transit and at rest by enforcing access and usage policies on files stored across file stores, enterprise applications, cloud services, and endpoints.

NextLabs recently expanded PLM and CAD integration besides extended many of its SkyDRM capabilities to improve functionality and user experience for file protection, project collaboration, offline and Desktop capabilities, automatic and rule-based batch protection of files, and Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Office 365 integration.

Improvements to the product include new functionality and advanced integration such as Teamcenter Protection At-Rest and In-Motion capability, performance improvement, support host and application in policy, and enhancements in the batch file classification and rights protection tool (RPT). These updates improve usability, enhance access rights enforcement across the organization and enable safer supply chain collaboration with the digital rights protection of the shared file regardless of where it resides.

Additional details about the enhancements, new functionalities, and advanced integration with PLM and CAD are as follows:

Siemens Teamcenter PLM Integration

  • Extended DRM functionality to provide duo mode protection – At-Rest and In-Motion.
  • At-Rest mode involves automatic application of digital rights protection of files on the Teamcenter volume based on the conditions specified in the policy where conditions can be based on any attributes such as project and data set metadata or tags defined in Teamcenter. This metadata will be transferred and persist in the SkyDRM security envelope even after the rights-protected files are downloaded from Teamcenter.
  • In-Motion mode simplifies workflow by automatically rights protect files downloaded from Teamcenter based on attribute-based policy. The In-Motion protection also works seamlessly with the check-in and check-out process.
  • Extended support for Teamcenter 14.x and Active Workspace 6.x

PTC Windchill PLM Integration

  • Support full DRM capability.
  • Enforce access and usage rights on DRM protected file across web and rich client including Creo.
  • Extended support to classify and protect file in Managed Mode.
  • Added support for assembly files and multi-CAD.
  • Automatically rights protect file downloaded from Windchill PLM based on policy.
  • Preserve file’s MIME type, reference, and dependency.
  • Extended support for Windchill 12.x.

CAD Integration

  • Added support for Teamcenter and Bentley ProjectWise managed mode to AutoCAD RMX.
  • Extended support for Screen Capture permission.
  • Improved performance on opening large rights protected assembly file.
  • Updated AutoCAD RMX to support AutoCAD 2023.
  • Updated Catia RMX, NX RMX, SolidWorks RMX, and Creo RMX.
  • Added support for export to NX, Catia and SolidWorks file format in Creo.

SkyDRM Server & Web App

  • Extended support for device type, DNS hostname, and location as host in the policy.
  • Extended support for executable name, executable path, and publisher as application in the policy.
  • Extended support for Screen Capture permission.
  • Added support to deploy RMS as OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance).
  • Enhanced performance of activity logs.
  • Updated SkyDRM Web Application workflow for better user experience.
  • Enhanced Web Viewer to improve 3D CAD rendering.

SkyDRM Desktop (RMD)

  • Extended support for user to view file info.
  • Added support for tamper resistance to RPM folder.
  • Added support for installation of UI-less RMD.
  • Support adding RPM folder during RMD installation.
  • Improved performance on opening large rights protected file.
  • Added compatibility support to avoid interference and intervention from 3rd party applications on Windows.
  • Updated SkyDRM Desktop Viewer to improve 3D CAD rendering.

Rights Protection Tool (RPT) – Rule-based batch Rights Protection service

  • Extended support to protect files with MIP sensitivity label.
  • Extended support to decrypt file before the file is encrypted by SkyDRM.
  • Added support for Azure Storage as RPT repository.
  • Enhanced support for MS SQL Server and Oracle as RPT database.

Microsoft Office Integration

  • Added support for insertion of rights protected content to Office file.
  • Improved error and user messaging.
  • Added support for Microsoft Purview AIP sensitivity label.

Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online Integration

  • Extended support for batch protection
  • Enhanced functionality to protect uploaded file automatically
  • Certified with SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Subscription Edition

Microsoft Exchange Integration

  • Enhanced Exchange RMX to enable rights protection and remove rights protection on email attachments based on policy condition, such as Microsoft Purview AIP sensitivity label, attributes of attachment and email.
  • Certified with Exchange Server 2019.

For more information on the SkyDRM product line, please see the SkyDRM Digital Rights Management page (

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